Diagnosing diseases and allergies through artificial intelligence.

Created by a synergy of doctors, scientists and engineers to put the power of Machine Learning and the real life expertise & experience of doctors within reach of anyone with a smartphone

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Quick and Accessible

Quick Diagnosis enables people living in underserved regions/towns with very low physician density to access easy and affordable healthcare using their mobile devices.

Quick Diagnosis AI bot will ask patients questions regarding their symptoms which will include but not limited to the severity of their symptoms and the period of time they have been experiencing these symptoms. Quick Diagnosis uses natural language technology to understand and analyze the user's response and proffer causes of the illnesses to the user with possible actions to take regarding treatment/remedy based on severity.

The Quick Diagnosis App

Quick diagnosis artificial intelligence understands symptoms you provide and provides you with relevant health and treatment information


Ease of Use

The Quick Diagnosis mobile app was designed to be easily accessible and simple to use. The app is lightweight and works even in the slowest internet speeds.

Machine Learning

We have developed an AI system, our advances in machine learning can interpret the symptoms you enter, and identify related risk factors.

Partner Doctors and Specialists

While Quick Diagnosis was built with the help of doctors, users can also book an appointment to chat with an available doctor to discuss their medical issues.

Advanced Secure Data Manageent

Quick diagnosis can plug in to any existing data on the patient and can store assessment data securely. Users can also share assessments with their family and doctors.

How it Works

Quick diagnosis was created to be easy to use
and was built for maximum accuracy and accessibility

Quick diagnosis asks simple easy to answer questions to help the A.I understand the patient's condition

Our extensively trained AI now compares and matches the users responses to the questions to a database of diseases and symptoms.

Quick diagnosis then provides more information about the medical condition of the user and possible actions to take, like a virtual appointment with a doctor.


Talk to a doctor immediately, 24 hours a day!

Providing accessible healthcare to the millions of people all over Africa who live in places without medical specialists and health centers.

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